Drone X: The Future of Making Things (Drones) | 21 Nov 2017


DroneX is a series of talks with leading experts about how drones are disrupting traditional industries. The idea spun from the thought “What would happen if we use drones in X?”.

In DroneX: The Future of Making Things (Drones), we have Autodesk presenting on the future of 3D manufacturing using technologies such as artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and generative design. Myminifactory, a curated 3D-printing platform, will present on their community development, open source CAD repository and CAD design competitions. They will also run through the (endless) opportunities in 3D printing your own mini-quadcopter. DroneSoc will also showcase a fully assembled drone from a structured workshop they are running for Imperial College students, and the key steps in how to build your own quadcopter.

The following segments will be covered:

  1. 19:00 - 19:15 DroneSoc on "Building Your Own Quadcopter"

    Nathan Davey, DroneSoc Committee

    DroneSoc will be showcasing their fully assembled drone from a structured workshop they are running for Imperial College students and elaborating on the society’s ambitions. Nathan Davey, one of the cofounders of the society who has done undergraduate research at the prestigious Aerial Robotics Lab at Imperial, will also elaborate on the key components and competencies required to build a drone from scratch.

  2. 19:15 - 19:30 Autodesk on "The Future of Making Things"

    Steven Parkinson, Education Manager, Autodesk

    How AI, generative design and additive manufacturing is democratizing accessibility to manufacturing and rapid prototyping.

  3. 19:30 – 19:45 Myminifactory on "Open-source 3D Printing"

    Rob Lindsay, Product Manager, Myminifactory

    MyMiniFactory, which launched in 2013, is the world’s leading curated social platform for 3D printable objects. Kind of like the YouTube for 3D printing.

  4. 19:45 – 20:00 Ubuntu (Canonical) on "Powering Robotics Systems"
  5. Pedro Coca, Technical Manager, Canonical

    How the Ubuntu system is powering robotics operations and the possibilities it offers to the average drone enthusiast.

  6. 20:00 – 20:30 Networking and drinks

    Baguettes provided.