Launch Event | 02 Feb 2017


With the support of the Director of Aerial Robotics, Dr. Mirko Kovac and the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial College London, DroneSoc is broadcasting its’ conception with a launch event titled The Future of Drone Tech. Stringing together trends in UAS technology and the industry as a whole, we showcase high-profile drone companies, manufacturers and academics to share their thoughts on the direction of aerial robotics and the impact they will bring. DroneSoc will be showcasing the drone that will soon be available through a series of structured workshops just for Imperial College students. After the event a flight arena will be available. Drinks and snacks will be available.

The following segments will be covered:

  1. Bio-Inspired Robots and it’s impact on civil applications

    Dr. Mirko Kovac, Director of Aerial Robotics Lab, Imperial College London.

    Winner of prestigious 2016 Drones for Good competition in Dubai, Dr. Kovac will be presenting his research on bio-inspired drones and the technology-push on this front.

  2. Transition to Flight - How DJI became 'the Apple of drones'

    Tautvydas Juskauskas, Public Business Development, DJI Europe.

    DJI´s development to become the leading company for Drone Aerial Phography and other industrial applications. Ambassador and internship opportunities for university students. Showcase of DJI´s Drone tech.

  3. The Race Towards a 3D Printing Revolution

    Paul Croft, Director, Ultimaker GB.

    Developments in 3D printing and its consumer-industry applications.

  4. Why is London a no-fly zone? - The social impact of UAS
  5. Jonathan Nicholson, Assistant Director, Communications, UK Civil Aviation Authority.

    Panel discussion with leading experts in drone regulation.