Imperial College Drone Society is a student run initiative based in Imperial College, London. We aim to build London's leading hotspot for drone enthusiasts. The society runs regular seminar, courses and competitions for both students and the public.



Quadbasics is a 6 week course that is a designed to introduce you to all the essentials in quadcopters. We will take you from the ground up, helping you understand how a quad flies and is stable, all the different components of a basic drone and how to choose these components. The course is also designed to get you familiar with crucial hands on skills like soldering and component assembly. It assumes absolutely no background knowledge or skill and is designed to take you up to a level to actively participate in many of our more advanced projects.

Retreat R/C

What’s the point of a drone society if we can't just let loose and enjoy some drone flying? Retreat R/C is our weekend social flying club where everyone's welcome to come down and make stuff fly. We highly encourage people to bring down their own drones as it's the only way to ensure you get some flight time. Don't forget spare batteries!

Join the mailing list for updates about when and where we meet Usually we meet at Wormwood Scrubs Park around 1pm on the weekends.


DroneX is our think tank about the potential for drones to revolutionise the world. It operates as a monthly series of talks where we ask the question “What would happen to X if we added drones to it.” We will be inviting experts and industry shakers to speak about drones have affected their industry in recent years and what their vision is for how their profession may change in the future. From there we will go into a discussion where you, the audience, will share your ideas about how you think things will change in the future. The ideas you put together will be published in our Dronelog.

Coming Soon

Oct '17

Drone Racing

Nov '17

Aerial Cinematography

Nov '17

Print 'n' Fly

Dec '17


Jan '18

Advanced Projects

Feb '18

QuadBasics III

Jun '18

Summer Trip

Drone Society offers a lot to our students and drone enthusiasts in London but this would only be possible with the support from the industry.

In return, companies gain access to a focussed group over 500 (increasing) drone enthusiasts in London inluding over 400 ambitious Aeronautical Engineering , Mechanical Engineering, EEE and Computing students through events, talks, newsletters and targetted job advertisements.

We hold events for speakers or companies who support us directly and we always welcome new partnerships and opportunities.

Email us at if you're interested in sponsoring Drone Society for 2017/18.

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